Alicia Romero Fernandez

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Contemporary Designer. Urban explorations. Speculative futures. Industrial Design. Pisces. Barcelona.
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Balance is a centerpiece that aims to represent the relationship between society and its individuals, and how they cannot exist without each other. It is composed of 5 different glasses, shaped one from another, that stand in balance filled with water in the center of the table. To drink, the help from other people around is needed or the piece will be in danger to brake. 

Date December 2019
Location Espoo, Finland
For Aalto ARTS
Collaboration Bingdie Huang

Photos by authors.

During the process we aim to highlight the properties of the glass, respecting how it behaves while it is still hot, so we follow organic shapes. We start by shaping clay, from which we make plaster molds. Then, we blow the glass inside, with the help of a professional glassblower and finally, we cut and polish all the pieces.

Images from the process by authors.