Alicia Romero Fernandez

Cocina Abierta
Urban Hacks
This Does Not Exist
The Art of Scrolling
Burning Molds
Object Mutations
Mouth Senses 

Contemporary Designer. Urban explorations. Speculative futures. Industrial Design. Pisces. Barcelona.
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Picture by Emil Lyytikkä.
Picture by Emil Lyytikkä. 

I have always been interested in exploring how the objects around me are made. My design career started in Barcelona, where I grew up and completed my studies in Industrial Design Engineering. However, I still wanted to learn more about processes, techniques, and crafts. I wanted to experiment and get to know materials firsthand because I understood that the materiality of the objects and how they are made directly affect our daily life. Therefore, this is the topic that I have been examining since then. When I moved to Helsinki to complete a master's in Contemporary Design, the change of context made me notice the importance that our environments have on our practice. For this reason, my current work adds the cityscape as an extra layer to my vision.

I believe design has had an essential role in development and will also be crucial in the degrowth needed to accomplish a more sustainable future. For me, design is a tool for imagining futures, but also a tool to understand the past. In my practice, I experiment with mixed materials and techniques to imagine feasible realities. I also enjoy exploring and playing with diverse environments such as the city. My environment has always been a font of inspiration as well as the people and objects around me.

I enjoy using different mediums in my practice. I have used glass with paper or plaster, experimented with ceramic moulds, done experimental writing and video installation, and intervened in the urbanscape. During these works, I have taken a sensible point of view, respecting the medium and letting it guide the creation process, only intervening in it to add a critical perspective to challenge the established. In the end, all of those shape the environment we live in.

Contemporary Designer. Urban explorations. Speculative Futures. Industrial Design. Pisces. Barcelona.

August 2019 — currently
Aalto University
MA Contemporary Design, minor in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art

April 2019 — June 2019
Ironhack Barcelona
UX/UI Bootcamp

October 2014 — June 2018
Elisava Design and Engineering School
BSc Industrial Design Engineering, minor in Product Design

May 2022 - April 2023
Hand-formed Matter, Germany, Sweden and Finland
Burning Moulds

September 2021
Designs for a Cooler Planet, Helsinki
Blue Thoughts

August 2021
One to 100, Street Gallery Mutteri, Helsinki
Deconstructed Bags

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September 2020
Helsinki Design Week, Helsinki
Mouth Senses at Home works


(+34) 678 30 79 33

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