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Contemporary Designer. Urban explorations. Speculative futures. Industrial Design. Pisces. Barcelona.
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Burning Moulds

Burning Moulds is an experimental project where paper is used as material for shaping glass. Wet paper is the cheapest and most used tool in a glass workshop. From this idea, different experiments are made to explore the possibilities of the material as a mould. A conversation between the two materials starts in the workshop. The glass gets the texture from the paper, while the paper burns as it acquires a unique pattern.

This project has been selected to be part of the international project glass - hand formed matter, which aims to explore new perspectives for manual glass production in Europe. Read more about it in the following link

Date Summer 2020
Location Nuutajärvi, Finland
For Aalto ARTS w/ Tavastia Lasikoulu

Photos by author.

Experiment 01

Experiment 02

Experiment 03

Photos by Anne Kinnunen.