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Contemporary Designer. Speculative futures. Industrial Design. Pisces. Born in Barcelona, currently living in Helsinki.
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Identidad Olfativa

The project aims to answer to the question: Which is the future of fragrances? through the investigation and the development of a product, which will be centered in millennials as main users. It is part of a collaboration with the packaging company Quadpack. During the investigation three different concepts are highlighted: perfume, body odor and communication: perfume modifies the body odor of a person which is an instinctive way of communication with other people. Identidad olfativa consists of a set of tools designed to extract those elements that form the olfactory identity of a person.

Date June 2018
Location Barcelona, Spain
For Elisava Design and Engineering School w/ Quadpack

Photos by author. 

A detailed study on body odor is mappped. Human smell is broken down into different layers, as in the following infography.

1. Body
2. Skin
3. Clothing
4. Home
5. Environment