Alicia Romero Fernandez

Cocina Abierta
Urban Hacks
This Does Not Exist
The Art of Scrolling
Burning Molds
Object Mutations
Mouth Senses 

Contemporary Designer. Urban explorations. Speculative futures. Industrial Design. Pisces. Barcelona.
(+34) 678 30 79 33

Terapia Protocolo

In a growing society where there are more and more people everyday, coexistence between individuals becomes the main factor. Terapia Protocolo consists of a new concept of therapy with the intention of eradicating supremacy and social inequalities. From the analysis of body movements and gestures, an intelligent outfit is designed to interact with the behaviour of the patient by the modification of its posture. Corporal and performatic work are essential for the conceptualization and the technical development of the project.

Date March 2018 
Location Barcelona, Spain
For Elisava Design and Engineering School
Collaboration Victor Betriu and Pilar Soriano

Photos from process experimentation, by authors.

Photos and videos by authros.